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So pretty straight-forward..any tics and/or nervous habits you have? Does it bother you? Do people notice? If they do how do they react? etc.

For me...I have a tic with my neck. I am constantly flexing it (best word to describe it)..basically it looks like this:
P.S. for any that would think so for some reason...that isn't me...

Except...I'm not working out when I'm doing it..

For people noticing..there are times where people notice right away but wait a bit before asking about it (don't want to be rude)...other times it takes the person a while before they notice...with both groups, however, the question usually goes like this - "What do you keep doing with your neck?!"

It doesn't really bug me with how people react to it...though there are times where once they notice they just stare at my neck watching it keep happening..which makes me nervous...which makes it worse

Usually doesn't bug me..unless it gets into a nervous stage ( is on "every now and then" time frame...but when I get nervous..or notice I am doing it more frequently due to being happens very quickly one after the other...and it becomes very irritating on my neck -_-â¢

tl;dr - I gots a neck tic..people usually notice, but when they notice fluctuates. It gets worse/more frequent when I'm nervous

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I'm almost always messing with something, whether it's my eraser, a pencil, a yo-yo, some stress ball or anything that's close at hand. It's not really a nervous habit or a tic, I just end up picking things up and twisting them around in my hand or the like. My bedroom accumulates miscellaneous objects from me randomly picking things up and depositing them on the desk absentmindedly.

I remember I once spent almost an hour looking for a certain part from a Lego set only to discover later that I was holding the piece the entire time.

I tend to flinch easily... Very easily. Would that be a nervous habit? ;P

Nah. A nervous habit is something you do when you're nervous. If you flinch at things in general, that's just called being twitchy.
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I bite my nails, or the skin around my nails. not many people notice, fortunately. I also have a habit of twirling my hair around my fingers when I'm completely zoned out.

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