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Epic's Tactical Base vs. Base Strategy RPG!

Posted Jan 25, '13 at 1:01am



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I go adventuring. HFS here I come!


Posted Jan 25, '13 at 1:44am



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if this ship was larger, we could probably throw something to create a distraction. as it stands, let's see if we can assassinate any of the pirates before they wake up.


Posted Jan 25, '13 at 2:52am



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That's a good idea sonic. So lets do that.


Posted Jan 25, '13 at 9:20am



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I'll let you guys handle the sneaky sneaky bit of this... Guns aren't really silent, you know what I mean?


Posted Jan 25, '13 at 2:13pm



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I tell selphy to help me repair the wall and I try to create more stone and metal golems with the stuff left over


Posted Jan 26, '13 at 2:07pm



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I go and give the claymores to the zombies. Then I attempt to fire a ball of energy at a nearby rock (to see if I can cast magic).


Posted Jan 27, '13 at 12:08am



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Weather: clear
Time: Night 2/4, Day 5/Winter
Temperature: F-F-F-Freezing...

Injured Heroes(Lose turns)

Dead Heroes(Dead, awaiting revival)
Sonic, Shadow
Undead Heroes (The dead revived)

Necropolis Citadel, Lvl 1: 100,000 HP
Necropolis Wall, Lvl 1: 10,000/10,000 HP

Necropolis Heroes
Devoidless the Mod: Lvl 2, XP 0/2000 (Striker) 2000 HP, 100 MP
Weapon: (Light) Weak mod's knife: Tier 1
Armor: (Medium) Mod's leathers: Tier 1
Inventory: (0/10)
Pet: Basatan the Giant Crab Lvl 3 2250 HP
Gamermartin: Lvl 6, XP 500/6000 (Support) 5000 HP, 100 MP
Weapon: (Heavy) Hill Giant's mallet (T3)
Armor: (Light) Crystal Body T3 (Reflective)
Inventory: (3/10) (Light) Oak Staff (T1), Crystal Shards (???), Mage robes

Abilities: Aim (CD:1)
Party (1/3): Selphy the Elf: Lvl 4, XP 900/4000 (Infantry) 4000 HP, 150 MP
Weapon: (Light) Elfin Shortbow T4
Armor: (Medium) Monster Hides T3
Inventory (2/10): (Light) Spellbook T3, Strong Healing Herbs (Heals 500

Abilities: Strong Strike (CD: 2)
Matlox: Lvl 2, XP 0/2000 (Support) 2000 HP, 100 MP
Weapon: (Light) Oak staff T1
Armor: (Light) Mage robes T1
Inventory: (0/10) (Light) Shruiken T1, Black Leather T1
Poizaz: Lvl 2, XP 0/2000 (Infantry) 2000 HP, 100 MP
Weapon: (Medium) Corrupted Sword T3 (10% Corrupt effect)
Armor: (Light) Flimsy Shield T1
Inventory (0/10): (Medium) Cheap Spear T1
ArgamenPhish:Lvl 2, XP 1000/2000 (Support) 2000 HP, 100 MP
Weapon: (Light) Flimsy Shortbow (T1)
Armor: (Light) Cheap Robes (T1)
Inventory (0/10):
Azywng: Lvl 4, XP 0/2000 (Support) 2000 HP 100 MP
Weapon: (Light) GC Staff (T3)
Armor: (Light) GC Mage Robes (T2)
Inventory (8/10): 8 (Heavy) GC Claymores (T4)
Necropolis Resources:
0/2000 Metal
0/2000 Stone
1000/1000 Wood
1000/1000 Flesh
1000/1000 Blood
0/1000 Dark Magic
190/200 Bodies
100/100 Spirits

Necropolis Buildings:
Lvl 1 Cemetary (Allows Tier 1 units to be built)
Lvl 2 Quarry (+200 Stone/Metal, 2000 Max)
Lvl 1 Undertaker (+100 Flesh/blood, 1000 Max)
Lvl 2 Evil lumbermill (+400 Wood, 2000 Max)
Lvl 1 Dark Altar (+200 Dark Magic, 1000 Max)
Lvl 2 Morgue (200 Max Bodies)
Lvl 1 Equipment chest (Stores 20 pieces of Equipment) (20/20) Contains:
9 (Light) GC staffs (T3)
9 (Light) GC Mage Robes (T2)
2 (Heavy) GC Claymores (T4)
Lvl 1 Tunnel Bore (+100 Stone/Metal, 400/800 Load)
Lvl 1 Troop Generator (Set to: Dark Slimes (100 Dark Magic/turn) Produce 1/Turn)
Necropolis Troops
Tier 1 Units

3 Dark Slime
1 Evil Ragdoll
10 Zombies****
36 S. Metal Golems
40 S. Stone Golems
10 S. Dark Golems


_-_-_-_-_-_-Attacking Forces-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Base Dividing Line-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
Anarchy's Base: Does not exist! Lol!
Anarchists (Heroes):
Sonicheroes95: Lvl 3, XP 675/3000 (Infantry) 3000 HP, 100 MP
Weapon: (Medium) Kingdom Key T1
Armor: (Light) Robes and Bandana T1
Inventory: (0/10)
Shadowgun453: Lvl 3, XP 0/3000 (Armor) 3000 HP, 100 MP
Weapon: (Medium) Smallsword T1
Armor: (Medium) Black Leather T1
Inventory (1/10): (Light) Robes T1
Rick073: Lvl 2, XP 0/2000 (Support) 2000 HP, 100 MP
Weapon: (Light) Revolver (6/6) (T2)
Armor: (Light) Flak Jacket (T3)
Inventory (2/10): (Light) Cheap pistol (10/10) (T1), (Light) Patchy body

armor vest (T1)
Raispeed55: Lvl 3, XP 600/3000 (Striker) 3000 HP 100 MP
Weapon: Flimsy Knife (T1)
Armor: Robes (T1)
Inventory (0/10):
~~~~~~End of Character/Base Sheet~~~~~~~~~~~~~

@Poizaz: ...WHERE? You wander aimlessly...and find...a Small Dungeon! Go in?

@Sonic and shadow: You guys know that everyone gets a death scream, right? The

pirates wake up and SLAUGHTER THE HELL OUT OF YOU so fast there's no battle mode. least you 2 of them before dying. Some situations call for certain class

types; here would be great for Strikers, but Raispeed is busy fighting a pirate

all alone in the crow's nest.

@Rick: Smart move, you hide while Sonic and Shadow attempt-and fail- to take out

the pirates. They haven't noticed you, and all rush out to look for intruders.

What now? Sonic and Shadow are just lying there, dead. Carry them out of here

maybe? Seems like you could use a Prayer. Everybody gets 1 free prayer you


@Raispeed: You're in the Crow's Nest. There's no barrels. You get into a battle!
Raispeed55: Lvl 3, XP 600/3000 (Striker) 3000 HP 100 MP
Weapon: Flimsy Knife (T1)
Armor: Robes (T1)
Inventory (0/10):

@Gamer and selphy: You repair the wall, and make even MORE GOLEMS, once again

depleting your resources. +20 S. Metal and Stone golems, +4000 EXP. YOU LEVEL UP

ONCE AGAIN. You can choose 1 -Ra spell; Fira, Blizzara, OR Thundara. You'll get them all eventually.

@Azy: WHAT? I never imagined anyone trying to equip their troops with

equipment. ...Okay. Uh. Crap, going to have to wing this...Since it's a T4

weapon, your zombies RANK UP...uh...4 times? Well, I guess that's one way to get

rid of crappy equipment. ...How much EXP should I give you...4000 seems good. YOU


once!) Get another achievement for goodies!

*WEATHER EVENT* It's F-F-Freezing outside! Beware for Ice-elemental monsters like Snowmen & co.!


Posted Jan 27, '13 at 12:14am



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Woah, what happened with the spacing?
Also, Azy: You just wasted 50 MP blowing a rock to smithereens with a Fire spell. Nice.


Posted Jan 27, '13 at 12:20am



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I was expecting them to stay asleep so they'd not scream in their death. welp.


Posted Jan 27, '13 at 12:44am



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Eh, Sonic, you're infantry. Not the subtle type. Raispeed, however, could've slit their throats with his dagger. You basically whacked them with your keyblade. Not exactly a silent death, see?

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