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Who cares about their heritage?

Posted Dec 10, '12 at 12:51am



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Interesting topic. My family blood is somewhat, well, just vietnamese and there is a family secret


Posted Dec 10, '12 at 12:57am



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I absolutely love my heritage. German...don't care that I was born and raised in the USA...I'm German

And **** am I proud...great-great-grandfather is Samuel Goldwyn (he had an affair =p family had the papers to prove it...key word there is had. Don't know what happened to 'em...thanks great-aunt..) and my great-grandfather was a Jew in Nazi Germany. Had his birth certificate forged to say he was the son of a drafted into the Nazi army (airforce to be specific)..didn't kill anyone, in fact a majority of the time he and his buds would shoot wine barrels and drink from 'em...was captured by American forces where he spent time in a POW camp...and then became the commander of the camp's favorite by always volunteering to do crap (got to eat the same meals the commander did because the commander would invite him to eat/hang out with him)

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