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Super Kotaro Kun - Walkthrough

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Hey , it's iloveracecars doing another walkthough . This isn't going to be a real point to point walkthrough because it's not a strategy game but more so a skill game. But I'm going to give you the general idea to be better at it. By the way I'm probably have a few mistakes in there just point them out for me , haven't made a walkthrough since the Strike force Hero's walkthrough I did in June. Thanks(:
Super Kotaro Kun Walkthrough
Enemies and Obstacles

Alright There are quite a few enemies and obstacles . I'll just start will the obstacles . The first obstacles you will come upon will be small little red stars. They can be in all different types of assortments and positions side ways ,groups , whatever. Here is a few of them


That is a few of them the last one narrows in and you have to go to a specific area which can be tricky. Once you get roughly past 600 meters on the game they start to become tougher obstacles . The redstars form lines and start to spin which are rather hard to avoid. And some times you will come apon just single redstars that are floating up and down but they are rather easy to avoid being as they form in singles.

Now for enemies , there is just a few there are these little red ninjas . There is two types of ninjas . The first type comes flying at you , at a really fast speed. Which can be really hard to avoid . But before they do a little red exclamation mark pops up where they are going to fly by so there quite easy to avoid. The second type is there archer ninjas they look exactly like the other ninjas except they are caring little bows . They will pop up and shoot an arrow at you and disappear you generally can't avoid the arrows. But alike the first type they show a little exclamation mark where they are going to pop up for pre warning. Here's a few pics.

That's what they will look like. And that's it for enemies .

Alright Fruit are the little fruits (duh) You see around the game . There are three types , Watermelons , Oranges and Mangos . They form all sort of different formations Arrows , Circles , Rectangles , etc. They are they main source of money you get . To pay for thing's in the shop. Here's a few pics


You can easily see how many fruits you've collected at the fruit counter in the Top middle of the screen.

That's pretty much it for fruits.

The Shop and Money

Alright now for the shop and money. We will start with money. Money you get from bonuses and fruits like I said earlier which you collect by running . The farther and more fruits you collect the more money you get .

Now for the shop . The shop is where you buy a large asortment of things. You can get different clothing for you're Ninja , you can get boosts and you can upgrade you're statistics. Which is the ideal main purpose of the game to run to get money to get boosts to run farther to get more money ,etc.

Here's a pic.

(Please ignore that crappy statistics started a new game to get the pics for the tutorial :3)
And that's pretty much it.
Power Ups (aka Boosts)

Alright there is quite a few boosts. SuperNinjaman , Kaito's Kite , Ninja No Habataki , Skater No Jutsu , Bunshin No Jutsu , and Rocket Ninja.

You can buy these boosts in the shop . You can get them in game buy catching there little boost icon that fly's by occasionally.

Here's a pic.

That's pretty much the basics of Boosts .
What to spend your money on

Alright when you first start out your going to want to run untill you have enough money to get the first Two or three health statistic upgrades . Then your going to want to get the Superninja Boost , mainly because it gives you pretty much and extra life in the game and also boost your Mobility .
Then your going to want to buy the Rocket Ninja boost because , it speeds you about 300 metres ahead destroying all the Obstacles and enemies on the way also collecting every fruit you go by. Which really helps. That's pretty much it , after you have those it's all personal preferences those are just the best game starters .
That's pretty much it for my walkthrough sorry about the shortness :\\ But Yeah hope it helped .
If you liked it please check out my blog with more walkthroughs


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Sorry about the link mess up there all the "******" s translate to "blogger" (:

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