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Do you believe in Global warming?

Posted Jan 11, '13 at 2:41am



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To paraphrase Neil DeGrasse Tyson: The great thing about science is that it doesn't matter whether or not you believe in it. In regard to the original post: It Doesn't matter whether or not you believe in climate change.... its happening. Polar ice caps are melting, which means there is less ice to reflect heat, which means more heat is retained.


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First build a base on the moon, then cause a nuclear accident that will propel the entire thing out of it's orbit and into space, then improvise

not gonna work. the moon will get in orbit of the sun in some other place in the solar system.
when our sun explodes our planet will be blasted away. and will be 0,5 times past where mars is now.

If I had terminal cancer and the technology allowed it, I would volunteer to be launch into space and describe everything I see until I die (useful data for future voyage).

healthy people would volunteer for the same job. but they will simply send out a camera. it wont cost a life and at can be looked back at for studies.

Fuel is only needed primarily for acceleration. Once you're moving fast, that's that.

the universe isn't as peaceful everywhere as it is near us. we will need fuel to dodge and return back on course. also does the life support ask fuel. or is it supposed to be a suicide mission?

I DON'T believe in all the crap that the media says about it

what about scientists?

I do think it would be quite possible for the CO2 levels to cause global warming. I do not think however, that this is what we are experiencing.
we are.
the CO2 lvl hasn't been this high in 800.000 year. the natural cycle you mentioned takes about 100.000 year per cycle. and did never get past the 320. but now the CO2 lvl is 380 and still rising.
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