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Pronounced Ah-Doe-Ah-Pie-To

Welcome again, folks.

Today I require your help! Yes yours! Get your fingers out of your Cheetos bag and get typing!

Oh, wait, I guess you want to know what to type, huh? You'll also want some background too, I'll bet.

Well, the second edition of ODOAPAI is coming very, very soon, and I need to know what topics to present!

So, what is ODOAPAI, you'll probably ask.

ODOAPAI is a thread targeting EVERY issue relating to AG! The staff, the activity, the community, the spam, the games, the site, everything!

So, I'm basically going to take your suggestions for topics and present them for discussion later on in an entirely different thread.

What were the biggest events since the summer?

What bothers you?

What do you think about, er, stuff?

Go out and discover not only yourself, but some topics to think about!

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