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Improve your weakness or your strength?

Posted Dec 29, '12 at 4:13am



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When you miss that pop fly that wins the game for your opponent, I'm sure you might feel differently.

Same goes if I strikeout with a runner on 3rd to end the game with my team losing by 1

Posted Dec 29, '12 at 1:37pm



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You can do both. I used to have a lightning start in any mountain bike races.
Which mean I was always first for a few laps but then my poor endurance (weakness) made me lose at the end, finishing 3rd and most of the time 4th.
I then worked on improving my endurance.

When I equipped my MB for the road (no suspension, slick tires, bigger chain ring), I could ride full speed for 15 minutes and I could ride non stop from full speed to 95% speed for 45 minutes.
After being sick I went back to zero and I've been working on rebuilding my skills which took a long time but now I'm older so I have to work harder at it. I can go up steep hills easily but my top speed/endurance are not great right now so my goal is to get back to where I was (I hope).


Posted Dec 29, '12 at 3:28pm



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Sports theme?
For me, a tennis player, my strength comes from forehands and returns. If you give me a nice forehand to my strike zone, your gonna have a bad time. I am also good a returning serves. Never been ace'd. It's a good skill set and all, but serving is also very important. I need more work on that. Backhands are decent. Takes some warming up to, but I can do it. Net play/overheads are no problem either. I have fast reflexes and at six feet, hardly anything gets over my head that isn't out. So my serve and backhand are my weekest. I'd rather have it this way than the opposite I guess, but given the choice I would go with well rounded.

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