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Posted Feb 14, '13 at 12:10am



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Spain are the defence and midfield

Lol, Spain doesn't have the best defence IMO. Alves, in the team of the year really? I would have thought Lahm was a much better fit for one. What about Chiellini, Hummels and Kompany? Those man mountains.

Disappointed with the match. Was hoping Real would thrash those Devils.

Posted Feb 21, '13 at 11:19pm



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love real madrid


Posted Feb 25, '13 at 1:17pm



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Sooo.... apparently..... Milan defeated Barca 2-0, and Swansea City won the Capital One Cup by a score-line of 5-0, football, how I love thee.

For a Madrid fan, the oncoming fixtures are great, the next two are clasico's, and the third a clash with Man U, awesome.

World Cup? My guess would be Spain or Germany, probably the Germans, since there Golden Generation is looking quite neat this year, the Euro semi-final was a shocker, though, but that's Balo for you.

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