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best lyrics for a song contest! (Not whole song/i wont steal)

Posted Jan 14, '13 at 4:13am



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Yeah I got it,
Everything I heard from my mom I got it
Everything she wanted from me I got it
Yeah I know moms can predict the future Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah;

I really hope this isn't really the rap..

Rhymes "I got it" with "I got it" with "I got it"

A quick rap:

See now this is disastrously
A catastrophe that i can't believe
And it's hard to see, how we used to be
But I'm livin and I'm gettin a lil fittin in my spittin..for these rhymes i keep hittin
(quick dramatic pause)
Harder. And I swear I told her
I've gotta go bolder
But I just keep hittin the ground
Harder each time I'm falling down

Posted Jan 14, '13 at 10:46am



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I'm being me and Dewing me.
I'm the Poke master everyone else is just a Pokemon
They copy me.
Flock to me.

D. Carter,
I ball harder.

Fizzle to the top like carbonation.
Welcome to the Dew-ezy nation.
A short rap in the style of MTN Dew Lil Wayne commercial.
The lyrics are mine, but it's written for Dewezy.

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