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Feedback (Do you prefer harsh or easy feedback?)

Posted Jan 11, '13 at 10:42pm



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I just want to know what they are thinking and maybe help me improve next time by giving examplese on how I can improve but not in a rude way.


Posted Jan 12, '13 at 1:06am



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I love feedback. As long as feedback in constructive and mature I can take all the negative feedback I can manage. It's what has probably made me who I am today. I was also personally raised by ''realists'' and though at some points it might be tough to listen to it, it always helps in the long run.

Now I have a friend who I hang out with sometimes, and you cannot criticize him in any way, not even positive. You could be like: ''Yeah that was great! You did awesome'' And in return he will say ''No but I did bad on this and that''. You could also be like: ''No don't do that like that! That's bad. It's not right'' and he'll be like ''NO IT'S GOOD, I'M DOING IT RIGHT.''

It may not be constructive but it is criticism nonetheless, and he can't take it. Even if I for example help him on a game he's new to, he will not take constructive criticism and help and will instead continue on the way he was playing. (Horribly xD)

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