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I'm personally someone who is raised by "Realists". By that I mean that my parents weren't exactly super supportive but they always said that you can always improve if you put the effort and devotion into it but at the moment...I think you need a lot of work.

I absolutely love when people give me critical and harsh feedback. However to a certain degree. As long as it is useful.

If someone says, "THIS WAS A PIECE OF poop! THAT WAS TERRIBLE!" I'm probably going to ignore it but if someone says, "Hey man. You've got a nice start here but the sound was way off you can improve it by doing these few things (Insert list here)" I will take that much more seriously.

However I know some people that just can't take it. I constantly have to tell myself to only list the good and just 1 or two negatives because at times I can be a bit too critical. Now, although I like it when other people do it to me I feel like the other person just feels like I'm telling him to stop what he's doing and not continue.

Then again because I'm only 14 people think I don't like criticism which is absolutely terrible so I have to press an instructor to tell me straight and ACTUALLY GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK.

Pro: That was great man! Good job. I like your style! (Insert 10 more positives here) The only thing I didn't like was your hands but that's only a really really tiny problem.

*turns out that if he had told me directly how to improve it my speed would have gone up by 20%*

Anyway, this isn't about me. How do you guys like your feedback? Served cold or do you like it really warm with a sweet lemonade for a drink?

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