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Looking for Games with AG Online Saveslots

Posted Jan 6, '13 at 6:15pm



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I prefer games, that offer a savegame option for progress and achievements, like Kingdom Rush, Necronator 2, Bunny Flags, etc.

However, I often switch machines and I don't save cookies, so I am looking for Armor Games, that use the online savegame storage.
It is a pity that I had to put games like Pirateers aside, as I can not keep my progress there.

So Is there a predefined filter or parameter, for me to search for games that support this technique? Or has someone by chance already put a listing together with such games?

Thanks in advance


Posted Jan 6, '13 at 6:26pm



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There is no way to search for online saving games. You will have to look for the feature in each game you play.


Posted Jan 7, '13 at 6:56pm



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Many really popular games such as the new gemcraft's (not sure about the old ones but maybe) usually have an armor games online profile save feature. As well, if you play games like The Last Stand - Dead Zone, games that can only be played if you have an AG account, it automatically saves to your profile. ShellShock Live 2 is another example of this.

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