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any other eminem fans out there besides me

Posted Jan 9, '13 at 4:33pm



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hey i love eminem my favorite song of his is when im gone which is really goodi also like spacebound


Posted Jan 9, '13 at 5:05pm



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Yeah I like him too. But really When I'm Gone and Spacebound? xD No offense but that's not some of his best work in my opinion.

I really love his older stuff, his albums like Marshall Mathers and The Eminem Show is some of his best work.

Encore and Recovery were some of his worst pieces by far. Relapse was okay.

'Till I Collapse is probably my favorite song from him.


Posted Jan 9, '13 at 6:27pm



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Any other Eminem fans out there besides me?

Nope, you are the only one.

j/k I'm sure there are plenty of fans on this site. He is a very popular rapper.

Posted Jan 9, '13 at 6:30pm



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I have to agree with sourwhats up, his older stuff is by far better than his newer stuff, though I also like his newer stuff. Though I also have to agree with the OP, When I'm Gone is probably my favorite song by him. It just has great lyrics and sounds haunting in my opinion. Guilty Conscious and The Real Slim Shady are also great songs, as well as Superman, 3 A.M., White America, and many others.

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