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Someone with good flash experience needed for my website

Posted Jan 12, '13 at 10:25pm



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Hey there, it's me Joshua Derr, I just finished up my website and I am looking for someone skilled and good with making flash games so I can put one up on my website for people to play with. The concept is simple, a colorful, stary exploration of the universe, and life/energy concepts, make it kinda sureal and trippy, I am thinking maybe some sort of maze, with no real objexctive, just something for people to get lost in and mess with. I can provide all the sound clips from songs of mine etc, I just need someone who has the time, knowledge, and creativity to help push the concept into a reality so people can have something interesting to enjoy. Thanks for your time, feel free to contact me. - Joshua


Posted Jan 16, '13 at 4:42am



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Not sure if promoting your website, even if not purposely, is allowed here.

Also, you probably won't get much help here just a heads up, especially to make a game, but meh, you never know.


Posted Jan 16, '13 at 4:34pm



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Sounds interesting enough, I suppose. One thing I do find lacking though is that there's no mention of compensation. Not saying there should be compensation (though it would probably help, seeing as you need someone with a high enough skill level) but I think you should at least mention what -if any- you're prepared to offer

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