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Two suggestions:
1. You guys already have all your MMOs listed in their own category so I fail to see why when I go in the adventure section MMOs are listed there as well. Can you guys not list MMOs in any other section, it's redundant. If I wanted to play an MMO I'd have clicked on it.

2. I have suggested this before. Are we ever going to get a Tower defense / attack button on the green bar up top? There are enough TD/A games on this site to Warren them having there own section and for those of us who have had our fill of this type of game for one life (EHEM) we don't have to waist our time loading up game after game just to figure out if its a TD/A or not.

Failing these two options how about a smart search function that allows us to filter by game style, developer, ect. I often spend more time on this site looking for a game than actually playing one.

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Number 1 is reasonable but not much, seeing as if an MMO is actually an adventure game as well, then it falls under the Adventure genre too.

Number 2 is not. Let me justify why.

Simply put, TD's are a sub genre which goes under the main genre of Strategy. Though it could be put in Adventure and others.

Look AG3 will be becoming implemented slowly but surely and the search will get a smarter filter. Just be patient.

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For #2:

Go onto the homepage. Scroll down. There should be a little box under the new games / popular games called 'Tags'. In that box are a bunch of words, including tower and defense. You can click those words, which will lead you to a page that lists all of the games that have that tag (not really sure how accurate it is, though).

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Regarding # 1 : The reason why all sorts of games turn up in several categories is exactly what sourwhatup2 explained... every game has several tags and sub-categories it can be filed under.
ArmorGames uses the same categories that are used allover the internet for specific gaming categories. This makes it easier for a visitor to find the specific game he/she is looking for and wants to play.

Regarding # 2 : Making a separate category for "Tower Defence" games would also mean that it is agreed upon to make one for "Zombie", "Battle", "Space" and/or "War" games... this would mean that the selection bar at the top will become way too crowded.

This is where the section of the "Tag Cloud" (or "Game Tags" as it is called here on ArmorGames) comes into play... this is a quick way to search for games related to a certain word or type of game. It never failed thusfar! =)

Next to that, ArmorGames has already implemented a new feature to the homepage that allows a user to see what a certain game beholds. When you hover over a game thumbnail, you will see a text box popup that tells you what sort of game it is, how many times it was played, how it was rated, etc. etc. This actually makes it much easier to see what the game is and whether you will like it or not. =)

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