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Okay, here's the deal: in a land of powerful magic, there exist eight Totems: the Arcane Totem, source of unnatural magics; the Life Totem, source of the life we know, the Totems of Light and Dark (NOT good and evil, just light and dark) and the four Zodiac Totems.
You first write down your side: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Dark, Arcane or Life. Then you put down your Location (by default your starting element's Totem), your Rank and finally your Action. So it should look like this:
Element: Fire
Location: Dead Fields
Rank: Warrior
Action: I travel to Dead Fields.
Or this:
Element: Life
Location: Life Totem
Rank: Controller
Action: I erect a sphere of vines and other plants to protect the Totem.
1: No profanity. I don't want this to get out of hand.
2: No killing.You can hit them so hard they fly crying back to their Totem, but no killing.
3: No sudden changes of side. You can play as Air and you might regret it, but you'll have to apply for a change of side. I will appoint Controllers from people who play by the rules and think by the rules, but you'll have to ask one o' them. Or me.
4: You can either move from A to B or attack or defend. Not two at the same time. And once you've done, you'll have to wait for a reply before doing another action.
5: Your moves MUST be themed like your Element. E.G: "I create a wall of solid water. Not ice, water." for Water or: "I create a blinding spot of sunlight around the Totem to stop trespassers." for Light.
6: Enjoy it. It's meant to be fun.

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