[Official] Suggestions, Ideas or Games you want Quests on?

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ok i get it developers dont have time so posting anythink on this part of forum is basicly waste of time


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A high-rated game with over 200,000 plays in three days' time, My Friend Pedro is definitely deserving of quests. There are already 6 achievements in the game that could be turned into quests.

Guns don't kill people
Kill 20 gangsters with the knife

Wall jumping hot shot
Kill 3 gangsters just after a wall jump

Blow 20 gangsters in to pieces

Not a scratch
Finish the game with full health

Heads up!
Get 20 headshots

Death from above
Kill 8 gangsters in mid air

Taken directly from the Achievements page in the game.

I suggested Man in Gap because it's one of my favourite flash games,it's a quick challenge,a good mix of luck and skills,also because I like games that don't take much time to complete (quick ones).

There are a couple games that have only 3 quests, so that could be one of those games. You could have a quest for reaching 25, 50, and 100. It might be hard to get the admins to go for it though since it's an older game that isn't very popular anymore and has little potential for more than a couple quests.

Feed the king is a nice game,but what do you think about Knightmare Tower?There are already in-game achievements so it wouldn't be that hard to add quests.

The achievements are set up the same way as in Burrito Bison Revenge, so adding the quests would not be an issue. Feed the King is made by the same developer as Knightmare Tower and BBR, and both already have in-game achievements, so I would advocate for the addition of quests to both of them even though they have both been around for a few years now.

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We need I saw her across the world quests

World one ace

Survive world one (Grama's house without dieing)

Animal escape

Complete on forest level without jumping on an animal.

All for now.


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1) Exit Path 2.
2) Hobo.
3) Strike Force Heroes (The Old One).
4) Raze and Raze 2.
5) The Worlds Hardest Game and 2.
6) Sushi Cat The Honeymoon.
7) Fragger.
8) Portal The Flash Version.
9) Learn To Fly.
10) Sushi Cat 2.


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1) Exit Path 2.

It's a John game. To quote @Tasselfoot on page 24,

Exit Path - It's possible... but don't hold your breath. This goes for all John games.

9) Learn To Fly.

Another quote from @Tasselfoot on the same page,

Learn 2 Fly - reached out to the dev, haven't heard back

All the other games on your list are old games, and four of them have newer sequels that do have quests. Old versions "aren't high priority" according to Tasselfoot. The remaining games, Hobo, World's Hardest Game, Fragger and Portal, might just be too old for quests, if they were made in AS2 instead of AS3.

To quote Tasselfoot one more time,

Our system for quests is only set up to handle games coded in AS3... so any game made in the old, out-of-date AS2 isn't able to integrate quests.

If you have any suggestions for games, make sure they were made at least in 2010 or after. The older ones are less of a possibility.

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I am still patiently waiting for quests to be put on TLS: Union City. The game is perfect for quests! C'mon!


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How about Kingsroad ?


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I am going to have to suggest Renegades. It has me hooked...


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what about quests for diamond hollow I, diamond hollow II, bullet heaven, antichromatic, city siege games, obliterate everything I and obliterate everything II, deep sleep...


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Flight is a decent game for quests.

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