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[REDIRECT] The Quest System

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Posted Jan 23, '13 at 12:55pm



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Having a a level up system based on points (depending on the difficulty of the quest) sort of like how Kongregate does it will make more users want to play games on this site and draw more attention. Because for now, many users aren't bothered to even complete quests. I think this whole quest system was rushed. Adding more features to it before introducing the system would have made it a more beneficial change. but updating this by time to is understandable.


Posted Jan 23, '13 at 1:05pm



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I agree, and they are taking suggestions for the quest system here.


Posted Jan 24, '13 at 2:56pm



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The Quests system is currently a 'soft launch' and is refined and upgraded as they roll slug09... this means that a lot is going to happen to/with it before it has reached it's full effect and strenght. Only then will people forget about the whole AP system that is in the past. =)

As for suggestions, please post them in the thread pointed out by GOM. Thank you! =)