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Just wanted to share with you guys about our Bug Kill Day here at Armor Games. It's a day just dedicated to fixing various things people have had trouble with or requested. Here is the list of things that are fixed...

-Users can recover their usernames the same way they can recover their passwords.
-Users now have an option to get sent their verification e-mail again.
-A new verification e-mail is in place that is less likely to catch on spam filters.
-Social shares are now improved with better images, better descriptive text and titles.
-HTTPS:// now redirects to HTTP://
-Fixed an issue where we gave a limited amount of friend data to some MMOs
-Fixes involving underscores in usernames
-Letterbox images now correctly sized in our News section.
-Other magical tweaks behind the scenes that involve glittery unicorns.

-Quests are now condensed on user profile pages.
-You can now directly click on your name in the top bar to reach your profile.

If you see a bug, be sure to report it before the next bug kill day.

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Grand Duke

I really like the condensed quests. i hate scrolling.^^
And the direct way to reach the profile is also a very nice feature. Thx for the changes.

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Site's looking good ferret. Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks for condensing the quests, it greatly improved the overall appearance of the site. =D

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If this the appropriate place to suggest something pertaining to one of the problems stated, I think I have a solution for the mobile user. Rather than have your username with the arrow be one button, clickable to go to your profile, the arrow should be a separate button. The username could still be clicked on to go to your profile, but clicking on the arrow would bring the list of actions down, so mobile users could still edit on there.

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