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Do you like me?

Posted Feb 3, '13 at 8:44pm



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All you have to do here is tell who's your favorite AG user ( make it a link ) and the next user has to tell if he approves. And then he says his favorite user and the next guy says if he approves again and so on . . .

For example, Jacen96 says he likes 70_70_70 and then juan999999 says he doesn't approve and so on.

So, I like 70_70_70 best.

Also, rate them if you can ( maximum is 100 ). I rate 70_70_70 90/100.

Now, go crazy!


Posted Feb 3, '13 at 8:49pm



649 posts

make it a link

So the next person would know about the user you chose.

Jacen96]/url] says he likes [url=]70_70_70

These people I barely know. They are just random examples that were the first users to come in mind.
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