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Is music more about your "Group" now?

Posted Feb 18, '13 at 10:48pm



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I'll listen to whatever, really.

But my favorites all just fit under alternative.


Posted Feb 18, '13 at 11:27pm



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*Pulls out shotgun*

*Turns on police scanner to hear the shots fired call*

Posted Feb 20, '13 at 11:53am



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No. Not for me. My best friend is into rap, im into rock. So yeah, it isnt that big of a deal most of the time. I do notice that it is very easy to talk to people who like the same music. They tend to think the same.


Posted Feb 20, '13 at 1:21pm



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I'm into orchestral, which isn't as groupable as the rest.
I don't think it has anything to do with music affecting your style, it's the other way around. People hang out with others like them, music is a factor.


Posted Feb 20, '13 at 4:48pm



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...the "Popular" kids are into electronic...

What!? Electronic has become this popular, I remember that the popular kids either listened to pop music (makes sense) or rap. There's even an older Eminem song, Without Me, where the he states,
You don't know me, you're too old let go its over, nobody listens to techno.

Which is ironic because a lot of new rap music now has a very electronic/techno feel (As it seems to me) and I believe that rap and techno both share their roots in disco.

I want to say that music is one aspect of what defines who you are. Other lifestyle choices such as; foods you like, movies, television, clothing styles, habits, etc. also help to define you. Taken separately they may seem insignificant, but as a whole they really can tell you something about a person.

In conclusion, some people will listen to a certain genre of music because they happen to just like that genre and in a small part this habit helps define who they are. Other people will see that they can fit in better with a certain group by listening to a certain type of music and will thus change their musical preference accordingly.

I've come across this in my school work, it's something like conforming to group norms.

Posted Feb 20, '13 at 8:06pm



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I think music depicts one person in general not a group. for example me and my cousin are in the same group of friends and all of our friends as well as the both of us listen to completely different types of music. I listen to all gerunds, or at least I try, my cousin mostly to rap and rock, etc.

so the type of music defines you not the group. your friend/acquaintance is dead wrong.

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