What happens when you complete all the quests?

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You sir (the OP maker) cannot get all the quests btw. The legacy quests are no longer achievable.


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Yes, not getting Gold King in AG 2.0 equals never completing all quests. But it's pretty cool if you think about it. As an example, only 55 people in several million AG accounts can best me in Achievement collection because I was a Wood King. I feel like a sir.


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I just thought of that!
As I said earlier: Definitely an advantage have
those who have more legacy quests.

When I started to play games on this site,
voting and commenting games seemed like a great prize
because you get something in return.
And it is in some way an achievement for itself

Personally, I did not want to get higher rank unfairly!
The only games that I commented on and vote on were the ones
that I've played!
And that is why today I have only 5 legacy Quests!
I am very sorry that it can't longer be correct!
(If I could go back into the past, I'd still
acted the same, just is not my style )

**just an idea**

(a / b) (c / d) (e)

where is:

(a) The number of achieved quests related to the games
(b) The number of possible quests related to the games

(a) and (b) are variable

(c) The number of achieved legacy quests
(d) The number of possible legacy quests

(e) The total number of realized quests e=(a+c)

It would look like this (in my case on this day)

Ivanxxxxxxx (157/157) (5/33) (162)

Sort players in the following order: e,a,c I you get a leaderboard!

In addition to this you could add (referring to the moderators
and administrators) in the players profiles, statistics on
everything that I listed above.

And maybe something like a history
For example on 03.02.2013.- Position number 40
from a total of 5 million players (numbers are just guesses)

Thanks to all those who read this post,
I apologize for english language, I'm not an expert!


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ivanxxxxxxx... Perfect idea and perfect comment! You should earn merit for that.


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Thank you very much!

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