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This thread is a place to discuss quests for Gemcraft Labyrinth. Here is a list of the current quests available for this popular tower defense game...
A Hopeful Beginning
Acquire 10 novice amulets.
Hardness: Easy
Let's do this Again
Beat your XP record on a previously visited field.
Hardness: Easy
Artisan Wizard
Reach wizard level 12 and unlock the 1st mastery skills.
Hardness: Easy
Triple Bait
Win a battle with at least 3 monster beacons left standing.
Hardness: Easy
Don't Look into the light
Activate the same shrine 5 times in a single battle.
Hardness: Easy
Charging Up
Beat the first pylon field.
Hardness: Medium
After the Rain
Create a gem of 7 components.
Hardness: Medium
Ready for Anything
Have seven grade 3 or higher gems before wave 3 starts
Hardness: Medium
Red Mist
Reach a kill chain of 300 while having at least 300 more monsters on the scene.
Hardness: Medium
Acquire 30 journey amulets.
Hardness: Medium
Right in the Middle
Beat field G7.
Hardness: Hard
The Pit
Kill 30 giants with traps during one battle.
Hardness: Hard
A Bold Move
Throw 10 gems on a monster wave, then win the battle Not endurance, not epic field.
Hardness: Hard
Reach wizard level 9 playing or replaying only the first field (G13).
Hardness: Hard
A Fierce Fight
Win a battle with a settings multiplier of x6.00 or more. Not on endurance or epic field.
Hardness: Hard
Master Explorer
Win battles on at least 150 fields and acquire 5 challenge amulets.
Hardness: Hard

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I did "The Pit" on Wizard Level 58. I mean the quest with killing 30 giants with a trap. Here's my whole setup:

Battle settings:


Level near the end:

It killed 32 giants without any problem, that was the last wave. It's surely possible with a lesser level.

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