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Elder Scrolls Oblivion or Elder Scrolls Skyrim?

Posted Mar 2, '13 at 10:37pm



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So I've had Skyrim since it has come out, and I must say it is an amazing game. Great graphics, great gameplay overall, it truly is a masterpiece. BUT I just recently bought Oblivion. Now my opinion has changed, Oblivion has better main quest, better backstories, less repetitive quests and just many amazing things. To me the leveling system was better in Oblivion because it was much harder, in Skyrim I had the game for a couple months and got to level 80. In Oblivion I've had the game for a week and I'm only level 7. Please tell me your opinions over which Elder Scrolls game is better (through don't say anything about graphics, Oblivion and Skyrim were years apart.)


Posted Mar 3, '13 at 12:59pm



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