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Do Us a Flavor(VS thread)

Posted Mar 6, '13 at 7:33pm



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Lays has a contest on 3 flavors, and if one of the flavors gets the most votes, the other 2 flavors will cease to exist in Lays chips.

So I've decided to do a mini vote here in the Tavern. And remember this, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EAT THEM. Just give an opinion.

And with that said here are the 3 flavors.

Cheesy Garlic Bread:

Chicken and Waffles:

and Sriracha

When the official Lays vote is finished, I'll announce the winner.


Posted Mar 6, '13 at 7:44pm



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They all sound pretty horrible for chip flavors. If I needed to choose though I would go with the Cheesy Garlic Bread. Still sounds disgusting in chip form.


Posted Mar 6, '13 at 7:50pm



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Chicken & Waffles sounds like it would be a pretty good flavor, although better in my tastes as a Ruffle. I don't know the flavor of Sriracha well enough to make a judgement call there, and I don't eat anything cheese-flavored, so even if Chicken & Waffles isn't as good as it sounds, I still have to vote for it by means of default.

+1 vote for Chicken & Waffles.


Posted Mar 6, '13 at 7:55pm



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uh... I dislike that commercial. I enjoy cheese, I enjoy Spicy foods.. I enjoy waffles... a lot lol. But I have to go with the spicy. That one just seems to make the most sense on a chip.
+ 1 Sriracha


Posted Mar 7, '13 at 9:47am



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+1 for chicken and waffles.

I am an ADVENTURER!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted Mar 7, '13 at 10:06am



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I would like to taste the cheesy garlic bread, so a +1 for that!


Posted Mar 7, '13 at 10:57am



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But I have to go with the spicy.

The Sriracha is not spicy. Those ones aren't that great. (I've tried 'em already.)

The Chicken and Waffles is probably the better out of the three, but even they aren't that great. (Imagine taking a piece of chicken, smothering it in Aunt Jemima syrup, then cover it with potatoes.)

My vote goes for the chicken and waffles. +1


Posted Mar 7, '13 at 4:44pm



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Cheesy Garlic bread sounds good.  Chicken and Waffles sounds like a horrible flavor for chips, and I've never even heard of sriracha before lays made it a flavor.

Cheesy Garlic bread it is. +1


Posted Mar 7, '13 at 5:05pm



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To start..the Chicken and Waffles is just a downright horrible idea. I'm assuming the only reason it made it to the final 3 was for all the obese people in America. tastes like syrup

Sriracha was actually pretty good..but not spicy. Though I could definitely see it at BBQ's and all

Cheesy Garlic Bread, however, I think should win (not I think will should win).

-It actually tastes like Cheesy Garlic Bread
-It isn't some silly or random flavor
-The bag colour is eye-catching in a positive actually goes along with the food (blue for chicken and waffles has no correlation..and the red makes the other seem like it'd be hot)
-It has a very pleasant after-taste. The chicken and waffles actually makes you feel like you ate them..and not in a good a "I'm fat =(" way..and the sriracha just lingers with you waiting for it to get spicy


Posted Mar 7, '13 at 6:49pm



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Omg. I haven't had any of them. I wouldn't try sriacha or whatever cuz that hot stuff is hot sauce.

But i'd choose cheesy garlic bread. That sounds good :)

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