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[Page 15] Something Is Coming... (not related to Quests.)

Posted Apr 26, '13 at 8:58pm



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It looks like Salvidian will not be on for a while, but we could still try to find the shrine until he comes back. Here's an explanation via his about:

[quote=Salvidian]Something extremely serious came up. I don't know when or if I'll be back, but I'll try my best. If you must know, I'm sitting in a hospital room as I type this.[/quote]


Posted Apr 27, '13 at 2:19pm



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I'm in contact with Sal right now..yes he is in the hospital, and yes the reason is pretty serious, though he will be fine. I'm not going to go into any details, as to respect Sal and his privacy, but if anything detrimental and urgent arises..I will let y'all know to the fullest of my abilities.

If you would like to say something to Sal, let me know on my profile and I'll pass along the message.

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