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i have a 3ds issue...

Posted Mar 10, '13 at 3:17pm



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my brother deleted all my files on my 3ds. luckily, i didnt have my gaming sd card on it, with all my stuff.beacause my 3ds deleted all of his and everything saved on the system, now it wont show my games that i downloaded on my sd, i cant play any of my games or my apps. is there a way to have my games and apps to show in the home screen?


Posted Apr 5, '13 at 2:09am



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i havnt bought anything on the shop or saved anything on the card yet but im guessing this works like the wii. my guess is that if you will look for the things you downloaded on the shop you can re-download them for free.


Posted Jun 8, '13 at 12:05pm



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How much did you pay for the 3NDS?

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