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Why Would Anyone (in the right mind) Worship Satan?

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Posted Oct 2, '13 at 9:33am



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I found a good reason why - teeth pains. This is the 12 day of my teeth pain like hell and i tell you boys, if satan will offer a deal ill kiss his hairy big black/red tea set. (Thought on something else? Sick sick peoples. Very sad).

And no, i cant just go to the dentist. In the army you have to wait. Until you die. Or until the bastered will decide to finally come to his clinic.


Posted Nov 7, '13 at 12:35am



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OP: Why Would Anyone (in the right mind) Worship Satan?
Maybe because of the first posts...they see/understand the bible that way. I don't plan on arguing though. I can't prove/disprove anything on that matter.

I think there are those satanists that actually practice some sort of stuff that could potentially hurt other people...? You know, the uhh... "supernatural" way...? Maybe...? So uhh...that's dangerous...I think.


Posted Feb 6, '16 at 9:00pm



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i dont know. God is way nicer than satan. He provides a really simple way to come be up in heaven (atheists need to do more studying, because they dont learn enough to know how simple God's rules are.)


Posted Feb 7, '16 at 5:20am



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