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AG Forum Confusion

Posted Apr 3, '13 at 1:06am



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I have been on the forums for a decent amount of time. But knowing where to put a new thread is many times confusing. (Sorry this is long, skip to the last paragraph if you want).

Like this, people often post site and game problems in the Support Forum. But you could post that in the News, Feedback, and Suggestions forum as well. Look at the description for the Support Forum, "Need help with the site? Want to help others with problems? Post here."

Support forum looks like it should be for newcomers with problems like, "How do I start a new thread." But then the word support in Support Forum makes it sound like technical support. Right now there are two threads in the Support Forum that could easily fit both forum sections. Upgrade Complete 2 Broken and Wartune bugs. However the OFFICIAL: Quest Feedback Thread, which manly is concerned with bugs and glitch is in News, Feedback, and Suggestions. Isn't reporting glitches and bugs feedback? But it could easily be support as well.

On top of that game glitches seem like they can fit three categories. News, Feedback, and Suggestions, Support Forum, and Flash Games.
Flash Games says, "Talk here about your favorite Flash games, strategy, and more!" Isn't discussing an in game glitch considered talk about a flash game?


Here's another one that makes no sense to me. We post tips on how to play games in the Flash Games section but walkthroughs in the Game Walktrhoughs section. Game Walkthroughs says this, "Gaming master? If so, write up a game tutorial and teach others your secrets."
Aren't walkthroughs just several small tips rolled into one big tip? And once the first post is made in a walkthrough, the rest of the discussion is just small tips on the game, just like in the Flash Games section.

On top of that the Quest section often has similar flash gaming discussion and tip giving that occurs both in the Flash Games section and Game Walkthroughs section. The overlap is huge.

Look at this sticky in the Game Walkthroughs sections

Keep all walkthroughs in this section related to games on AG. Walkthroughs for other flash games go in the flash game section, while walkthroughs for video games sections should be done in the video games section, and preferably in a thread already related to said game.

So there are even more confusing rules. Walkthroughs for flash games that are not AG specific go in Flash Games, causing more topical over lap between the two forum sections. Then , walkthroughs for video games that are not flash games go in the Video Games section. So the Game Walkthroughs section isn't really for all walkthroughs.


But then there's even more confuse for a thread like this. There is a subtext to my thread of me asking for help about the site ("Where do I put my threads?"), so this would go in the Support Forum. But here Im giving site feedback as well. So News, Feedback, and Suggestions. But this is some sort of general no place able discussion about Armorgames forums as well, which doesn't fit any category. So it should go in The Tavern. This is confusing.


In the end I see a set of 4 forum section that have heavy overlap and another set of 2 forum sections that have heavy overlap. Support Forum and News, Feedback, and Suggestions overlap. Flash Games, Quests, Video Games, and Game Walkthroughs have heavy overlapping.

I wish there was a better description of the forum sections underneath them or stickies detailing examples of were to post what.

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What you're suggesting would be useful but is not critical because the mods can move threads if they want. However, I have a more specific idea of what goes where and will most likely make a thread about it soon in where I think it goes.


Posted Apr 3, '13 at 12:52pm



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Update: I created a guide to thread placement for the overlapping forums.

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