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XBL Problems (Reposted)

Posted Apr 13, '13 at 8:02pm



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Hey guys, having xbox problems. Just reposting it here because this is the right spot.

First off, I understand this isn't, but the forums there are just really confusing to me, so i was wondering if anyone could help me here...
So i've been to Amsterdam/Brussels for my spring break, and when I come back, someone (probably one of my friends) seriously screwed with my account, changing the Motto, Bio, Name, Etc. to innappropriate things, and they've somehow gotten my player reviews thing from 80% positive to about 30% positive.
Also, I can no longer send messages. Can anybody please tell me what I should do? This is really stressing me out :{


Posted Apr 14, '13 at 5:16am



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Making a new account is your only option.

Hopefully you don't care too much about your Achievements because I don't think Xbox reverses things like that.


Posted Apr 14, '13 at 1:55pm



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Put everything back to the way it should be and then try to build your rep back up. And also no one should have access to your XBL account and you should probably reconsider your friends

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