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Fantasy Art Collaboration Triathlon

Hears the gist of this thread: Teams of Three artists will compete against each other to create the best piece of art fitting the current theme. the rules are simple the work must be divided into 3 stages of rendering. It does not matter How much you render of something but time is of the essence.

Each team will have a total of 12 days to work on their submission.

Stage One:Conception
The first 3 days will be a collective collaboration, sketches and rough concepts are the only thing allowed at this stage, You can plan composition and color schemes as well but these are to be only guidelines for the idea the team wishes to render. And the most important thing is deciding the order of the teams members for the next stage.

Stage Two: Race to The Finish
After the first 3 days the teams will hand off the concept and rough sketches to the first member that they decided to run with. At this point it is up to this person to render as much as they want. But before they hand off to the next person they must post what they have completed. Each person is limited to 3 days of working on when they receive it, After 3 days they must give it to the next person in line for rendering on their team but not before the 3rd. Once the final person has had 3 days to render their share they submit the Final Entry.

Once all teams have submitted their Final Entries everyone will vote on a piece, Anyone participating in the contest cannot vote for their own, If there is a tie in the game then I will submit my own vote to break it.

Each Theme will be running for a month, the first 3 weeks are dedicated to gathering teams and allowing them to run the triathlon. Any Final Entry posted earlier then the final week is allowed to be voted on. The 4th week
of the contest will be used to consolidate votes and allow a winning team to decide on the next theme

The winning team will get to decide on the next fantasy theme for the contest. They must decide on a single theme, preferably something not too abstract. Fantasy covers both classic sword and magic themes to science fiction fantasy.

Theme  One: Dwarven Heroes, this theme lay in the realm of classic Sword and Magic fantasy, may include some steampunk as well but no science fiction outside of that.

Standard AG Art,Music, Writing Forum guidelines and rules will be in effect. No Photo manipulations please. 2d or 3d art is fine if the contents are of your original work.


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I'm up for it, but first I'll need a team. A team willing to smell Hell.


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I would join if I had the tablet yet or had a scanner...


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:D two people in two days lol, at this rate we might have 2 teams before then end of the first week.

Light_chaser if you get one within the next 2 weeks you're fine, I am aiming to start next month. Since this is the first theme and all and it has yet to gain any steam I am thinking of extending the time allocated to recruit teams.

Bronze is this stinking Hell in your beard lol. Gotta wonder how do dwarves manage not to have smelly, ale soaked, blood stained beards, idk maybe the ale washes out blood after a battle lol.

Everyone checkin out this thread, Kung Fu punch to the face, remember the winner is based on votes lol so no evil judges running round talking bout their standards of art.

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