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A new look at religion (refreshing or depressing you decide)

Posted May 21, '13 at 4:27pm



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We muslims believe that every prophet, since Adam has preached Islam(or their version of it, with same core principles but diiferent secondary laws) and Muhammad(SAW) was last of the 124000 prophets.

I was referring to the creation of the religion, not how far back the beliefs go. For example, Christianity was formed 2013 years ago, but the beliefs relate to events that, according to Christians, happened 4000 years ago.

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Under the "higher power" definition, yes. Under the general definition, no. That's why it matters. I'd rather answer to their terms than keep referring to a definition they reject.

I would say that higher power is something they are just tacking on to something that does exist. In the sense of being an atheist, it doesn't matter what definition is being used, if your god belief is 0, that's an atheist.

Yes when discussing someone's god belief it is of use to have that person define god.

No,Allah would send the books with Hazrat Jibrael who would deliver revelations each year or time and after he would give all the pages Hazrat AbuBakar,a companion of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) told people to form a book of it.

So basically we have a human saying God told him this stuff and we are just suppose to accept that as true?
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