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Thanks for the definitions, Mage. Ya gotta love the SEP

And I think you really got to the tension in trying to define a miracle. It seems like having a low degree of probability is neither necessary nor sufficient for an event to be a miracle. We also can't define it in terms of possibility, since such a definition is too narrow.
So it looks like we're only left with saying something about divine intervention. But I'm wondering if this is even necessary. Is it possible that a miraculous event could obtain just by a divine power allowing it to happen (as opposed to causing it to happen). I'm not sure this is sensible, though.


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Miracle -- Anomaly inexplicably experienced

I like the word "anomaly", because it further defines "a deviation from common rule; abnormality". I also like "experienced", because miracles do not necessarily have to be in favor of one party, only that "what was experienced cannot be explained".

Some of these miracles were discovered and developed into more advanced scientific technologies. The discovery of fermentation in the Stone-Bronze age lead to FRAT PARTIES.

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