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The Division

Posted Jun 10, '13 at 8:19pm



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Holy crap. This got announced by Ubisoft around an hour ago. Online open world RPG.

Here is a trailer.

So sort of post-apocalyptic. Society has collapsed.
They had gameplay too, but I couldn't find a video.

Weapons have stats like in MMOs, and there are skills. It looks like you can be in small squads. From what I understood you can fight other squads if you encounter them. The demo squad got back up from another player who was piloting some sort of UAV during a firefight.

So it's an open world New York. I expect a sort of small-scale MMO, with servers of 100 maybe, like Day Z but without zombies.

It was played using a PS4 controller, but it is not an exclusive as far as I know. Anybody else excited for this?


Posted Jun 10, '13 at 8:23pm



3,593 posts

Found gameplay.

Here it is
PS4 and Xbox One only confirmed.

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