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Kingdom Hearts 3 announced

Posted Jun 13, '13 at 10:09pm



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Nice d_dude! I am replaying all the KH games right now. I am on Chain of Memories (Sora). I have only finished KH1 so far.


Posted Jun 14, '13 at 3:05am



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Does anyone else sing Simple and Clean while they are watching the trailer?

all the time. great song.

and the instrumental version you hear in some places in this series is one of the best songs ive ever heard. somehow that song (the instrumental version) gets the feeling of the entire series.

got bored yesterday and since i forgot my 3ds at work and had nothing to do i restarted KH1. made me remember that in any hardest boss list they forget first riku and that first boss in traverse town. they are actually more difficult then most bosses XD
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