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Physical: I took an arrow to my knee... No, but in fact it was my knee.
When i was a teenager i ride a bike down a winding bridge... fast, at the base the bridge hit a narrow right-bending way, just out of sight it was covered with loose chippings. So i wasnt able to make a save turn, loose control and fell at full speed, somehow i lost my bike and slide straight into a wooden pole, which i hit with my right knee... pure agonizing pain:
Luckily i had to suffer this for a very short time, cuz i fall in a faint very quickly.
A friend follows me down the bridge... slowly, he called the medics and they bring me to the hospital, i woke up in the hospital... bathing in painkillers.
And i was very lucky, my kneecap was intact, it was "only" a heavy bruise, besides that i had some abraisons. I needed roundabout 2 month to recover from that.

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Physical? Oh, I don't know. Lots of things. Last spring break I was solo backpacking on the AT and I hurt my knee pretty bad. I had to hike another 2.5 days (about 45 miles) on it... (and me without pain pills!) After I got back/was rescued I could barely move around for weeks.

Emotional? You know how it is. Oddly enough it involved the person who rescued me from my hiking incident. Such is life!

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