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Supreme Court's 5-4 Decision to Strike DoMA Provision

Posted Jul 4, '13 at 12:47am



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As long as I'm not forced to be homosexual or be put into a homosexual marriage (which will probably never happen), this is fine with me.

As long as you haven't forced anyone to be heterosexual or be put into a heterosexual marriage (which you probably haven't), then you are fine with me.

Posted Jul 6, '13 at 12:31am



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May I make the comment that The supreme court acted more out of state rights then gay rights, so saying

I feel something. Something warm. It feels like tolerance and progression of the human legacy.

I feel is a little wrong.
And I very much agree with the supreme court's decision because DoMA was another piece of legislation the Federal government used to take power away from the states and to oppress Homosexuals.
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