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Le Tour de France 2013

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Posted Jul 17, '13 at 6:06am



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Yesterday's hilly stage had Rui Costa as winner. The favourites finished at over 11 minutes. In the GC, Quintana moves to the 5th place.

Today is a climbing time trial. I have no idea who will beat Froome


Posted Jul 18, '13 at 12:02pm



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So, first yesterdays time trial over two small climbs: Froome showed his suppremacy in this TdF by winning this challenge with 9 secs over Contador.

Then today's "queen stage" with 2x Alpe d'Huez. Top 3 today were leftovers from an early breakaway: Van Garderen attacked on the Alpe but, in the final kilometers was overtaken bij Riblon who won. Moser was third. In the group with the favorites, we saw Froome attacking early on, leaving behind Contador. Quintana and Rodriguez got away from Froome and finished 4th and 5th, taking about 1 minute on Froome (7th) and 2 minutes on Contador (11th).

The combination of these two stages have brought some changes in the GC. Numbers between brackets show positions up/down since the resting day (monday, thus: last 3 stages).

1. FROOME (=)
2. Contador (+1) +5.11 min
3. Quintana (+3) +5.32

4. Kreuziger (=) +5.44
5. Rodriguez (+3) +5.58
6. Mollema (-4) +8.58
7. Fuglsang (=) +9.33
8. Rogers (+4) +14.26
9. Kwiatowski (+1) + 14.38
10. Ten Dam (-5) + 14.39
Abandon Péraud (was 9th)

Personally, I think this a very interesting Tour. Even tough it was already clear on the first mountain stage that Froome would win, the race hans't stopped. Froome still attacks and that's a good thing. (Others would only counter attacks once they're in yellow) And places 2-5 are still wide open.


Posted Jul 21, '13 at 5:19pm



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Marcel Kittel wins the last stage in Paris, barely beating Greipel and Cavendish.
Froome wins the yellow jersey, Quintana wins the white and polka dot jerseys and Sagan wins the green jersey.
The podium ceremonies were pretty cool with the light show on the Arc de Triomphe in the background.
It was overall a great Tour de France. The Sky team was amazing, they were to Chris Froome what HTC was for Cavendish the previous years.

Due to the lack of interest in the Tour, I don't think I will make a thread next year but I will participate if someone else makes one.