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This is (obviously) the fictional edition of my other hit thread, Name That Dead Guy!

This has similar rules to the other one but with a few changes to make things fair. You are not allowed to use a dead from a book/movie/whatever as your dead guy and say he's dead only because the book/movie/whatever takes place in a time that ensure's he's dead by now. If you're doing someone from, say Lord of the Rings or Elder Scrolls lore however, then that's a different story assuming that they're dead by the time of another book/game.

It's not a rule, but please be considerate of other people. If you have any decency then you won't pick a character from a new and trending show/movie/whatever (I.E. try not to spoil things).

People who are dead in the beginning of a crime solving show and have no real part are strictly prohibited as that would just be cruel.

The other rules are in the other thread which I linked to. I can't think of any other rules at the moment, if I do I'll post them.

Right, so I don't read all that much, there are only a few fictional things that interest me too terribly much and some of that will be pretty easy, and I don't want that, so I'll probably be sticking mostly to obscure (but not too obscure) Elder Scrolls characters. Whether they are just in lore or in the games.

I am thinking of a dead lady from the Elder Scrolls, not exactly obscure, but I rather doubt it'll be quickly guessed. For this one, I even allow you to use the Elder Scrolls wiki as an aid for your guessing. Good luck and good guessing!

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