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Crush the Castle Adventures Released!

Posted Jul 16, '13 at 2:54pm



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The long awaited sequel to Crush the Castle is here at last! Help the lovelorn king woo Lady Catapult by crushing castles using different munitions, siege weapons and powerful reinforcements.

Play Crush the Castle Adventures!


Posted Jul 16, '13 at 3:51pm



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Mine is the third comment after Ferret's and Daniel's

Anyways, pretty good game. I'm ranking up already. Plus, I liked the quests, achievements, and especially the fact that people were having a little dialogue before you killed them (lol). Mr. Betz and Jimp did a pretty good job on that game.

As I said, pretty good game overall. Everybody should be playing it by now. I'm a watchman already...what are you?


Posted Jul 16, '13 at 10:54pm



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Sadly I was playing KHII, so even though Joey was kind enough to tweet me that it was released I didn't see it until 6. I jumped up from my chair and ran over to play. I just have a few more levels left but it has been great so far. Joey, Jimp, SSTG, other people in the credits, and all the good beta testers (aka not me) should get a pat on the back for helping make the game great. Good job guys!


Posted Aug 17, '13 at 10:20pm



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This is a different game from Crush the Castle 3, correct? I heard tell a while back that a Crush the Castle 3 would be released some time this year. What is the news on this development?


Posted Aug 18, '13 at 4:50am



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Pretty sure this is Crush the Castle 3 considering the fact it's the one after the second. Plus it was released this year and I doubt Joey Betz would release two CTC games in a single year. Not to mention he was working on only one CTC game months before this was released.

If I sound sarcastic, my condolences. Sometimes I get a little edgy.

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