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Posted Jun 27, '08 at 5:08pm



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Hello Armor Gamers!

I just want to let you know that Art and Music forum, has now been expanded to the Art, Music, and Writing forum. I have seen some stories and poems posted in The Tavern in the past, since there really wasn't a good place for them to go. So if you have some original writing that you would like to submit, feel free to share your creativity in the expanded creative forum! Just make sure to follow the submission rules.


Posted Jun 27, '08 at 5:11pm



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Also, on that note please keep in mind that if you copy and paste the story from Word or WordPad, it will sometimes mess up with the quotation marks and apostrophes. This can be fixed by manually going in and erasing and retyping them out. It is worth the prolonged effort. This has already happened to a few members. Just thought I'd let y'all know. :P

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