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[Official] Want to Tag a Game?

Posted Nov 15, '13 at 7:09pm



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All these games are now updated. :)

Except for the 18 games I posted with level editors. I actually found one more.


Posted Nov 15, '13 at 7:09pm



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Just a quick note, Online Save is now a Tag. :)


Posted Nov 15, '13 at 11:45pm



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Hey I promise I'll find some time to get a lot of games tagged... I just need some time... :)


Posted Nov 16, '13 at 4:51am



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Shellshock Live 2

I'm actually surprised this hasn't been given "Tank" tag yet


Posted Nov 16, '13 at 9:34am



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StarCraft FA 5 SE2008
StarCraft FA 5 SE2008        - Alien, Science Fiction, Very Hard, Isometric, Upgrade

Bot Arena 3
Bot Arena 3            - Mouse Only, Robot, Defense

Flash Empires
Flash Empires            - Tower Defense, Medieval, Fantasy

Picnic Panic TD
Picnic Panic TD            - Mouse Only, Bug

Turf war
Turf war            - Two Player, Animal, Tactical

Bloons Tower Defense 2
Bloons Tower Defense 2        - Balloon, Upgrade

Drone Wars
Drone Wars            - Space, Science Fiction

Sea of Fire 2
Sea of Fire 2            - Mouse Only, Upgrade

Tarnation            - Mouse Only, Cute

Storm Astrum Defense
Storm Astrum Defense        - Artillery, War

VR Defender Y3k
VR Defender Y3k            - Tower Defense, Space, Upgrade

Random Defence
Random Defence            - Upgrade, Artillery

Elemental Turret Defense
Elemental Turret Defense    - Tower Defense, Top Down

Warlords            - Two Player, Army, Strategy

Commando 2
Commando 2            - Mouse Only, War, Very Hard

Commando 3
Commando 3            - Mouse Only, War, Very Hard

Canyon Defense
Canyon Defense            - Top Down, Mouse Only

Temple Guardian
Temple Guardian            - Top Down, Upgrade

Dark War Strategy Chapter 1
Dark War Strategy Chapter 1    - Turn Based, Tactical, RPG

Subterfuge            - Turn Based, Tactical, Strategy

Wooglings            - Mouse Only, Platform, Puzzle

Robot War Strategy
Robot War Strategy        - Upgrade

Soviet Silo Defense
Soviet Silo Defense        - Upgrade, Physics

Pandemic 2
Pandemic 2            - Upgrade, Mouse Only


Posted Nov 16, '13 at 3:42pm



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Protector - Reclaiming the Throne
Protector:Reclaiming the Throne    - Tower Defense, Upgrade

Shore Siege
Shore Siege            - Upgrade, Defense, Cute, Mouse Only

Shadez Black Operations
Shadez Black Operations        - Army, War, Side Scrolling

Epic War
Epic War            - Side Scrolling, Army, War, Fantasy

Battalion Nemesis
Battalion Nemesis        - Tactical, Turn Based, Tank, Artillery

Mastermind World Conqueror
Mastermind World Conqueror    - Mouse Only, War, Strategy

Battleground States 2008
Battleground States 2008    - Board, Strategy, Tactical, Turn Based, Mouse Only

Imperium            - Mouse Only, War, Building, Strategy, Upgrade

Feudalism II
Feudalism II            - Strategy, Fighting, Sword

Oiligarchy            - Mouse Only, Side Scrolling, Tycoon

Kingdom of the Wind
Kingdom of the Wind        - Upgrade, Defense, Castle

Mytheria            - Science Fiction, Tactical
Note: remove Casino tag XD

Animal Wars
Animal Wars            - Mouse Only, Funny, Cute

Madness Combat Defense
Madness Combat Defense        - Sandbox, Upgrade


Posted Nov 17, '13 at 7:28am



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War and Beyond Deadly Strategies
War and Beyond Deadly Strategies    - Side Scrolling, War, Army, Science Fiction

Armor Defence
Armor Defence            - Cute, Funny, Upgrade

Epic War 2
Epic War 2            - Side Scrolling, Army, War, Fantasy

Flash Empires 3
Flash Empires 3            - Sandbox, Upgrade, Achievement, Medieval, Castle

Mushroom Farm Defender
Mushroom Farm Defender        - Tower Defense, Upgrade, Cute, Funny

Arachnid Wars
Arachnid Wars            - Tactical, Turn Based, Upgrade, Strategy

Mushroom revolution
Mushroom revolution        - Tower Defense, Upgrade, Cute, Funny

Kingdomy            - Mouse Only, Turn Based, Strategy, Management

The Great Siege
The Great Siege            - War, Strategy, Building

Ultimate Tactics
Ultimate Tactics        - Turn Based, Tactical, Isometric

Fantasy Kommander
Fantasy Kommander        - Turn Based, Tactical, Isometric, War, Army

Homeboy Heroes
Homeboy Heroes            - Mouse Only, Funny, Upgrade, Gangster

Sprouts Adventure
Sprouts Adventure        - Mouse Only, Achievement, Adventure

HRmageddon            - Mouse Only, Tactical, Turn Based, Funny

City Invasion
City Invasion            - War, Strategy, Army, Defense

Katerpillars            - Mouse Only, Logic, Puzzle, Bug

Turn Based Battle
Turn Based Battle        - Mouse Only, Achievement, Turn Based

Stick War
Stick War            - Side Scrolling, Army, War

Epic War 3
Epic War 3            - Side Scrolling, Army, War, Fantasy, Card

Paper War
Paper War            - Tower Defense, Drawing, Achievement


Posted Nov 17, '13 at 1:49pm



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Knight            - Turn Based, Magic

Back2Back            - Robot, Upgrade, Science Fiction

Civilizations Wars
Civilizations Wars        - RTS, Tactical, Achievement, Roman, Historical

Space Attack
Space Attack            - Achievement, Funny

Them Coconuts
Them Coconuts            - Animal, Funny, Cute, Castle

Knights of Rock
Knights of Rock            - Interactive Fiction, Very Hard

Scribble            - Mouse Only, Drawing

Smiley Collapse
Smiley Collapse            - Platform, Two Player, Ball

Sabermania            - Science Fiction

Nob War The Elves
Nob War The Elves        - Side Scrolling, Army, War, Castle

Germicide TD
Germicide TD            - Sandbox, Upgrade

Legend of Kupapa
Legend of Kupapa        - Alien, Pixel, Shooting, Upgrade, Defense

Pirates Second Blood
Pirates Second Blood        - Pirate, Exploration, Cartoon

Cave of Wonders
Cave of Wonders            - Action, Fighting, Platform, Achievement

More Zombies
More Zombies            - Achievement, Action, Fighting

Frontline Defense 2
Frontline Defense 2        - Tower Defense, Very Hard, Upgrade

Trapshoot            - Animal, Shooting

Roly-Poly Eliminator 2
Roly-Poly Eliminator 2        - Achievement, Blood, Halloween

Where Am I
Where Am I            - Very Hard, Logic

Synapsis 2
Synapsis 2            - Adventure, Atmospheric, Scary, Point & Click, Portal


Posted Nov 18, '13 at 2:30pm



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Toys Vs Nightmares
Toys Vs Nightmares        - Scary, Halloween, Board

Friendly Fire TaD
Friendly Fire TaD        - Tower Defense, Upgrade, Mouse Only

Chroma Wars
Chroma Wars            - Army, Upgrade, War, Tactical, Turn Based, Isometric

Wasteland Defender
Wasteland Defender        - Achievement, Upgrade, Mouse Only

Robotic Emergence 2
Robotic Emergence 2        - City, Apocalypse, Management

Long Way
Long Way            - Achievement, Upgrade, Blood

Theme Hotel
Theme Hotel            - Management, Sim, Business

Triple Tower Defense
Triple Tower Defense        - Mouse Only, Tower Defense, Board

Nano Kingdoms
Nano Kingdoms            - Castle, Army, Cute, Magic, War


Posted Nov 18, '13 at 3:15pm



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Silly about Shellshock.  I'm still working on Ivan's list, but everybody else should be set... His is just extra long.  :)

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