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[Official] Want to Tag a Game?

Posted Nov 18, '13 at 6:49pm



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Whew, all posted.


Posted Nov 27, '13 at 3:49pm



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Whew, all posted.


Sea of Fire - Mouse Only, Army, Defense

Monster Basement - Mouse Only, Point & Click, Horror, Scary, Mystery

Hold The Line - Zombie Invasion - Zombie, Blood

Zombies Mice Annihilation - Achievement, Shooting, Upgrade

Flaming Zombooka - Mouse Only, Logic

Hungry are the Dead - Defense, Shooting, Halloween, Upgrade

Morbid - Chapter 2 - Mouse Only, Point & Click, Horror, Adventure, Atmospheric

The Enchanted Cave - Old School, Monster

One Button Bob - Mouse Only, Pixel, One Button

Note: remove Tower Defense, its more like Action RPG

Towers Tactics Deitys Throne - RPG, Side Scrolling, Very Hard, Good Music

Note 2: (Good Music) I did not use this tag so far. I think it means good ambiental music,If this is true,then this game is definitely suitable for this tag XD

Posted Nov 29, '13 at 11:13am



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UFO Joe - Animal, Farm, Cute

Dale and Peakot - Animal, Farm

A Dralien Day - Puzzle, Cute, Funny

Dual Mouse Eyecandy - Mouse Avoider, Very Hard

Pel - Pong, Music

Schwing State - Mouse Only, Balance, Puzzle

Go Go Plant - Keyboard Only, Avoider

Who Stole My Medicine? - Point & Click, Mouse Only, Reaction Time

Ghost Hacker 2 - Science Fiction, Bug, Achievement

House of Wolves - War, RTS, Side Scrolling, Medieval, Horse, Army, Catapult, Knight


Posted Dec 2, '13 at 2:23pm



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Soldier Diary - Mouse Only, Puzzle, Cute, Logic, Side Scrolling

Project NOVA - Level Editor, Upgrade

Portal Defenders - Achievement, Defense, Blood

I also have a proposal for a new tag!

-Domination- or - Control -
or in a certain point: Capture the flag

List of games:

These are mainly strategies,but not necessarily,and what's typical for them
is the gameplay mechanics which is unique. They are something like a board game RISIKO (and all its variations), but still they are not in turn based style. You dont play them with dice.

They are more in the manner of action,conditionally speaking total domination or absolute control.


Posted Dec 3, '13 at 9:45am



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Vertigo: Gravity Llama - Animal, Logic, Platform

Me and My Dinosaur - Logic, Platform, Side Scrolling

Bowja the Ninja 2 - Adventure, Point & Click, Side Scrolling, Cute, Funny

The Amulet - Side Scrolling, Action, School

Vampire Skills - Mouse Only, Puzzle, Logic

Dirk Valentine - Platform, Steampunk, Side Scrolling

Submachine 32 chambers - Mouse Only, Atmospheric, Logic, Mystery

60s to Save the Queen - Pixel, Quick

Covert Front - Atmospheric, Mystery

Bowmaster Prelude - Medieval, Castle, Upgrade


Posted Dec 8, '13 at 8:07am



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Get Home - Pixel, Platform, Funny

Where We Remain - Top Down, Avoider

Condition - Platform, Arcade, Alien, Space

Athalina RPG - Top Down, Knight, Magic

Submachine 2 - Mouse Only, Logic, Mystery, Hidden Object

Submachine 3 - Mouse Only, Logic, Atmospheric, Puzzle

Submachine 4 - Mouse Only, Logic, Puzzle

Nevermore 3 - Cute, Funny, Adventure, Side Scrolling

Ely - Point & Click, Mouse Only, Mystery

Zombie tag is missing in the following games:
Decision 2,
Zombotron 2: Time Machine,
Zombotron 2
The Last Stand - Dead Zone


Posted Dec 9, '13 at 11:46am



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Submachine FLF - Mouse Only, Logic, Puzzle

Battle Mage - Magic, Side Scrolling

Project Pravus - Horror, Adventure, Atmospheric

Kimblis the Blue - Top Down, Magic, Fighting, Sword

Hero Arms - Old School, RPG, Magic, Fighting, Sword, Fantasy

Morningstar - Point & Click, Mouse Only, Adventure

William and Sly - Animal, Platform, Hidden Object

In Another Chateau - Platform, Logic

Amateur Surgeon - Science, Quick, Doctor

Dark Cut 2 - Achievement, Mouse Only, Blood, Science, Quick, Doctor


Posted Dec 24, '13 at 1:04pm



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Raze 1 & 2

science fiction (I didn't specifically check the games, but they don't appear in the sci-fi tag section)

~~~Darth Caedus


Posted Jan 21, '14 at 10:37pm



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I Have 1 Day :- Castle, Dragon, Escape, Magic, Logic, Mouse only, Online save, Point and click

Hidden Dimensions
Strategy, Point and click, Mouse only, Alien

Paper War
Point and click, Minimalist, Mouse only, Upgrade, Level Editor

Pandemic American Swine
Apocalypse, Atmospheric, Mouse only, Point and click, Virus, Strategy


Posted Jan 22, '14 at 2:11am



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Pandemic American Swine

LOL. Love how these old gems pop up here. Fantastic title, in any event
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