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[Official] Want to Tag a Game?

Posted Jan 22, '14 at 3:13am



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Commie Crush:

*Anti Castro

This is what is U.S. has resorted to for retaliation against his declaring it legal for Cubans to overwhelm Florida's immigration institutions to spite the U.S.


Posted Jan 22, '14 at 3:53am



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Actually, checking that American Swine game brings back the mundane context of it: It's set against the swine flu craze of the time.

Which makes perfect sense, of course. As well as makes it less funny Not to mention serves as a reminder as to the fleeting nature of y'r average such event; I think I, too, for a moment there had thought there really was something going on. Yes, but...!


Posted Jan 22, '14 at 3:45pm



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Obliterate Everything
Action, Destruction, Rocket, Shooter, Strategy, Upgrade, Tactical, Online save, Mouse only, Point and click

Obliterate Everything 2
Action, Destruction, Rocket, Shooter, Upgrade, Defense Tactical, Online save, Point and click, Minimalist

Planet Juicer
Achievement, Tower Defense, Online save, Mining, Mouse only, Point and click, Space

Rune Raider
Point and click, Upgrade, Minimalist, Mouse only, Strategy


Posted Jan 22, '14 at 11:28pm



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The Ice Temple
High scores, Keyboard only, Puzzle, Adventure, Logic, Platform

Dragon Quest
Keyboard only, Minimalist, Logic

Utopian Mining
Online Save, Keyboard only.


Posted Jan 23, '14 at 2:56pm



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Chaos Edge
Top Down. Fighting, Minimalist

The Crystal Temple
Logic, High Scores, Adventure, Online save

The Light Temple
Keyboard only, Team, Logic Platform, High scores, Adventure, Online save

The Forest Temple
Logic, Keyboard only, High Scores, Adventure, Team, Puzzle


Posted Jan 23, '14 at 6:47pm



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Accurate Boy
High Scores, Mouse only, Physics, Achievement, Physics, Logic

Live Puzzle
Mouse only

Wheely 2
Mouse only, Logic

Dont Escape
Mouse only, Point and click, Logic, Hidden Object, Monster

Logic, Puzzle Minimalist

Pretentious Game
Logic, Love, Minimalist, Platform

Pretentious Game 2
Logic, Love, Block, Minimalist, Platform

Pretentious Game 3
Logic, Love, Minimalist, Platform


Posted Jan 24, '14 at 1:39am



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Slice The Box
Point and click, Online save, Minimalist, Art, Box

Mars Colonies
Achievements, RTS, Science-Fiction, Building, Action, Top Down, Mouse only, Point and click

Building Rush
Achievement, Tycoon, Online save, Business, Point and click

Fire Catcher
Action, Adventure, Fire, Fighting, Point and Click, Online save, Explosive, Exploration, Platform. Achievement


Posted Jan 24, '14 at 9:56pm



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The Great living room escape
Point and click, Funny, Animal, Mouse only, Puzzle, Art

The Great kitchen escape
Point and click, Mouse only, Funny, Animal, Puzzle, Art

The Great bedroom escape
Point and click, Mouse only, Puzzle, Funny, Animal, Art

The Great bathroom escape
Point and click, Mouse only, Puzzle, Funny, Animal, Art

The Great basement escape
Point and click, Mouse only, Funny, Animal, Hidden object, Art

The Great attic escape
Point and click, Mouse only, Puzzle, Funny, Animal, Art

The Great house escape
Point and click, Mouse only, Funny, Animal, Art

Ignite People on fire
Sandbox, Art, Keyboard only, Minimalist, High scores, Funny, Two Player

Light people on fire
Sandbox, Keyboard only, Quick, Minimalist, High scores, Art

King of buttons 2
Quick, Funny, Art, Mouse only, Point and click, Minimalist, High Scores, Online save, Endurance

King of buttons 3
Funny, Art. Point and click, Minimalist, High scores, Online save, Endurance


Posted Jan 25, '14 at 12:17am



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Video game trivia challenge
Point and click, Minimalist, Quiz

Whack a plane
Keyboard only, Upgrade, Shooter, Action

Keyboard only, Minimalist, High scores

Four second firestorm
Point and click, Minimalist, Reaction Time

Worlds guard 2
Achievement, Point and click, Online save

Monster legions
Achievement, Point and click


Posted Jan 26, '14 at 8:07pm



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I saw only 6 games in the knight section, so I looked up knight in the search bar and got 24 results.

I would suggest to add in at least some of those, like Chibi Knight.

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