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Made a new thread inspiried off of MageGreyWolves since I didn't know if Mage wanted to keep it his/her stories only or not.

Basement Monster

âDad! Dad! Thereâs a monster in the basement!â
âWhat does it look like?â
âIt was carrying a keyâ
The father froze, memories of his past flashed before his eyes and he said.
âWhat is the monsters name?â
âGrey Retriever, why did you ask that question?â
The father broke into tears now, and sat down facing away from his son.
âDad itâs going up the stairs! Itâs coming up from the basement!â
The slow steps up the stairs turned into a sprint.
The Father fainted in horror.

He woke up next in a bed, but it was not his bed.
It was too nice and big.
Looking around the bedroom he realized what happened was not a dream, but a reality, he would be rich now, all that he has to do now is enjoy life.

He started to cry again.

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DoGz aRnT tHE oNLy tHinG thAt CAn LIcK haNDS....

Accually I heard that story so I did not MAKE it (just to be clear)
So we want original made by you? OK...

Once there was a kid he had 3 snow days and on the day he was to go back to shcool he.... Died.

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