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Everything about World of Tanks!

Posted Nov 14, '13 at 12:23pm



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Im going crazy about this game! What about you guys? What do you think about it? What strategies do you use? Whats the best that happened to you in WoT? Discuss all this stuff in this forum that may die in 2 days or less!


Posted Nov 14, '13 at 12:29pm



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I have the game, played it a little, not my thing really.

I must say, though, they provide some of the best jobs at Wargaming. My brother stumbled upon a booth of theirs whilst he was advertising for reenactments that we do. They sit in the back of their van with their Alienware traveling the country showing off the game.


Posted Nov 14, '13 at 7:44pm



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My laptop can't run it o,o

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