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How to Create and Publish Your own Game

Posted Aug 18, '13 at 5:01am



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Python is good for learning programming fundamentals, but not so much for actually making games. Most Python games require Python installed on the computer as well (which limits you to Mac and Linux mostly).

If you want to make a game like on Armor Games, start with learning Python, then learn ActionScript 3. Alternatively, you can use Stencyl, but you'll find yourself limited in what you can do with Stencyl.


Posted Nov 27, '14 at 8:02am



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tell me ho to create and publish your own game


Posted Jan 14, '15 at 7:07pm



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Learning how to code isn't that hard... its really a matter of how long you can stare at a computer screen with a tutorial that seems endless. If you can't get a class then that would be your best bet. Or you can team up.

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