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Favorite Super Hero ?

Posted Apr 13, '14 at 3:51pm



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I vote for the Hulk.


Posted Apr 16, '14 at 3:03pm



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Can I pick one I made if so Sub-sonic
Sub-Sonic doesn't exist but if he did he would be a alchohalic Russian with serious depression who was once an Icon an national hero during the cold war
until U.S and Russia got all tight like bros and now he is useless and cast aside.
Sub-Sonic was fine to live in peace drinking his life away until the Gardian's Association (Basilcy like justice league or Avengers) Wanted to expand their reach by recruiting new members. Sub-Sonic was reluctant but when they took the liberty offer free drinks he said "Hey what the hell right." While chilling in Smokie's ( a bar in Kellar city) He was confronted by Mr. Law ( The corniest, duciest, most terrible, annoying hero ever) Law tried to look like the hero by calling Sub-Sonic an anti american terrorist and picking a Fight with him. Sub-Sonic ignored Law until Law shattered his bottle on the counter.
Sub-Sonic calmly stood up and said "Now we have a problem." He then punched Law in the stomach and threw him through a the wall and they then proceeded to wreck the city in an all out brawl of raw power.
If anyone else liked Sub-Sonic (And has an ability to draw fairly well) I would like to make the Sub-Sonic comic.

I think it exists:

Posted Apr 16, '14 at 10:12pm



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Elastigirl! I'd love for her to wrap herself around me. :O xD

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