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Forum Games Rules and Topics *READ FIRST*

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This Rules and Topic Listing thread was made Estel, and myself, Greg. We also used Ubertuna's Forum Games thread for some of the ideas. Thanks Uber!

Welcome to the Forum Games forum. I personally have been waiting for this, because I believed the Tavern was quite overloaded with these.

However there are some rules you should follow to guarantee your game becomes successful and doesn't get filled with spam and locked.

IMPORTANT - Carlie asked me to add this.

Posts in this forum will NOT gain Armor Points. This is not yet in effect, but soon will be, so do not be shocked when the AP are reset in this forum.


1. Replies

Games should need a response that isnât five or less words. Long and descriptive posts are mandatory.

2. Appropriate/Respectful

All games must be appropriate and respectful. By this, we mean no sex, killing, etc.

3. Images

Images may be used with games, but there are a couple rules to this. The image must of course be appropriate, but there must be a description of the picture. The description must at least be one or two sentences, or it will be considered spam.

4. Repeats

I have seen many repeat games. PLEASE check the list below, and go through and check before you make a new game.

FORUM GAMES LIST - This is a compilation of some of the previous games made. If you would like to make one, check here first because it may have been made already. Also check the forum as I may have missed some. Thanks.

Destroy Bob

Non-Spam Picture Wars

Guess the Picture

Guess What it's used for

Figure it Out

Letter Words

what Would you do for What?

What Animal am I?

Do you or Do you not

Save the Citizen

Chain Reaction


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Nice! All of our hard work put into use! Haha, I am sooo glad that this has been set up


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Thanks for putting this together Greg and Estel!! ;-D


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*Applauds Greg and Estel*