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Game designer looking for a programmer to collaborate with

Posted Feb 15, '14 at 9:11am



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Hello all!

I'm Rudolf, a graphics/game designer who would like to bring game ideas to life. I can create the necessary graphics for the game as well as fully develop the game concept.

For now I'm looking to create Flash games, since I'm experienced with Adobe Flash (CS5).

I'm looking to collaborate with a programmer who can script in AS2 or AS3. Here are two screens of games I've been working on; (Pixel game) (B17 bombing game)

I've got a third game up my sleeve but I'd like to reveal it later.

Although I initially want to create games for the fun of it, enjoying the process of creating and conceptualizing games, I do intend to monetize them at some point, and potentially distribute them among different platforms/networks.

If you're interested in working together, then let me know! You can send me a private message here, or simply reply to this topic.

Thanks, regards, Rudolf


Posted Feb 15, '14 at 9:44am



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P.S. Here's a live DEMO of a game I've been working on;


Regards, Rudolf


Posted Feb 16, '14 at 2:53am



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The game

You have to use the "Link" button on a pieces of text (hopefully I didn't screw up too).

Game looks really good so far but seems like the UI is missing some features like how many bombs you can throw or how many left in this run, distance left in run. Also is the factory unbombable or do I just suck at games. Last thing is that you can hold space and you get this glitchy behavior might want to have a delay in between presses or until all bombs have been dropped.

You're also missing a demo of your first game if you have it .


Posted Feb 16, '14 at 7:36am



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Thanks for your reply.

I did use the link button but it still came out wrong, I don't know why, but I didn't custom type it. Thanks for the fix. An edit button would be nice on this forum, too! :P

I don't have a demo of the pixel game yet, so that's why there is none posted.

I will add the extra UI features, thanks for the tips. The demo doesn't have hit collision yet so you can't complete the mission. And yeah the space bar is a simple AS code that plays an animation rather than that something is carefully scripted hence I'm looking for a programmer to work with!

I also posted a collaboration topic on Newgrounds and an AS3 programmer has contacted me, so I'm hoping that'll work out.


Posted Feb 16, '14 at 11:00am



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you should probably specify that the original script is in AS2, and that the AS3 programmer will have to start over unless he is familiar with AS2...


Posted Feb 23, '14 at 9:58pm



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I like your pixel art, but not so sure about the 2nd one.


Posted Mar 13, '14 at 2:57am



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I can probably code for you if you are willing to help me with an idea on my own.(it's kinda complex...) I can't do flash but I can do java and I'm in the process of learning how to make iOS mobile games

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